You're on the right adress!

As of September,16 the webadress "" will give you the right information on study-administration , your campus and your faculty or study, student counseling and ombuds office, student life in the campuses and services. The student portal also provides access to numerous applications such as automated composing your individual study program (ISP), consult course schedules, consult your exam, the electronic learning environment, etc. ... There are still plenty of items that are to be updated, but we're working on it. At the start of the academic year, we have been given priority access to the critical applications such as ISPs and schedule.

Information and messages about your subjects and your education can be found in the Toledo area. The program-specific information such as internships, thesis / bachelor thesis, study and counseling is situated in the Toledo among communities.

On this and many more will follow in the next few days even more targeted information through the news of "".