IT-accounts for students

IT-accounts for students

This information is intended for all students, regardless of campus or program (i.e., for both Academic KULeuven students as well as students of the professional courses of Odisee). Information pertaining to particular groups is indicated as such .

The whole procedure as described below will be operational step by step during the months August and September. We'll keep you informed

  • Procedure, operational as of August,11 (published on July, 15th)

Each student on the campuses of Odisee has two user accounts:

  • An Odisee account (<first name>.<name>
  • A KULeuven account (r-number, s-number or c-number)

Please take notice of the fact that there is no synchronization between the two accounts. In other words, you need to set your password for each account separately and you have to change both passwords separately if you would like to change them.


The Odisee Account

During the initial phase of the academic year, there may be some occasional leftover  references to the name ‘hubkaho’ instead of ‘Odisee’. This will systematically be reduced as much as possible, and we will provide further details. (You may sometimes need to use ‘’ instead of ‘’).

For new students:
If you register for the first time at our institution, at registration you receive a document containing your Odisee login name and an activation code.

Upon activation you will be asked to give a personal email address. This address will be used if you forget your password and you request a new activation code.

Why do you need this account?

  • Login to the PC’s of Odisee (Classrooms, Library,..)
  • Access your personal network drive at Odisee
  • Access to your mailbox (not for KULeuven students)

As long as the account is not activated, you have no access to the IT resources of the Odisee campus.

For existing students:
Students who were already enrolled last year in a  program at hubkaho should also use their Odisee account from now on. This account does NOT match the old HUB or Kahosl account.

You will receive an email from the IT department in your existing mailbox ( or containing the information of your new Odisee-account (including the activation code).

Be aware that to access these mailboxes you need to use the account information you used last year.


For all students:


The KU Leuven account

Each student also has a KULeuven-account (whether you're a KULeuven-student or not).
The login name for this account is called r/s-number (and consists of the letter r or s followed by a number, e.g., r0123456).

For new students:
Before you can use the KULeuven account you first have to find out your r/s-number.

This can find it in the following places:

- The number (without  r or s) is printed on the document  that you will receive when you register (see figure below).


  •  Your r/s number is on the back of your studentcard.  This card will be send to your address (or handed over by the international office) approximately two weeks after registration.  Production of studentcards begins on August 25.
  •  Your r/s number can be found on your Odisee profile page

You have to log in with your Odisee-account , so make sure that you have activated that account! It can take up to two days after your registration for the r/s-number to appear on this page.

Upon registration, you also will receive a scratch ticket. On this ticket you can find your activation code.

All you need to do now to activate your KULeuven account is:

  1. Keep your scratch ticket at hand
  2. Go to
  3. Fill in your r/s-number.
  4. Fill in the activation code of your scratch ticket
  5. Be careful when setting the password for the KULeuven account.  The password rules are clearly stated on the page.

Why do you need this account?

  • Access to all systems KULeuven
    • Toledo
    • KULoket
    • ISP / Schedule
  • Access to e-mail (only for KULeuven students)


For existing students:
For existing students, there are no changes to the KULeuven account.

For everyone:
To change the password of your KULeuven account, or if you forgot the password, you can always visit this link: (


If you need assistance with activating your accounts, please contact your local ICT servicedesk or send an mail to :