IT-accounts for students

All students (students from the academic KU Leuven degree programmes, as well as students from the professional degree programmes) get two accounts for the use of IT facilities.

  • Login to the PC’s in the classrooms and library of the campuses Aalst, Brussels, Dilbeek, Ghent, Schaarbeek and Sint-Niklaas
  • Access your personal network drive
  • Access your ODISEE mailbox (only for students who are enrolled in a professional degree programme at ODISEE, as the mailbox of the ODISEE students is supported by the ODISEEuniversity college)
  • a KU Leuven account, in the form of a letter followed by 7 digits (e.g. r0123456) and that provides:
  • Access to all IT applications provided by KU Leuven, in particular KU Loket and the electronic learning environment.
  • Access to your KU Leuven mailbox (only for students who are enrolled in an academic degree programme at KU Leuven, the mailbox of the KU Leuven students is supported by the University KU Leuven)

You first need to activate both accounts. As long as you have not so, you will not be able to access the offered IT facilities.
Note that there is no synchronization between the two accounts, meaning you will need to set your password for both accounts separately and, if necessary, will also need to change these passwords one by one.



If you need further assistance, please contact the ICT servicedesk.